Tuesday’s New Thing

I listened to i-tunes top 50 pops tunes while I walked this morning instead of my usual show tunes and hallelujah hymns. I’ve decided to give some awards to my favorites.

Best Walking Song:  “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.  I love this song!  It makes me….you know.

Runner Up: “Love Runs Out” by One Republic. The lead singer has just the right amount of gravel in his voice.  The song has substance and structure.  It’s also got a great beat to walk to.

The “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” Award for dubious lyrics goes to: Magic’s “Rude”.  Why you gotta be so rude?  I’m gonna marry you anyway. I would advise against this course of action, personally. 

Some Numbers

Weight- Not telling

Facebook Friends- 65

Twitter Followers- 5

Comments on my blog- 0

Days my blog has been up- 1

Things I don’t understand about how to publicize my blog- Too many to count.  My biggest question right now is… what the heck is tagging?  It scares me, tagging, so I should probably learn how to do it.  Right now.  

By tomorrow, I TAG!