I haven’t cleaned my own house for at least 9 years.   I tend to be a bit workaholicky, so when I was working full time it was a feat to find time to do all of the housework in one fell swoop. In the middle of those years, I also got my Master’s degree while working full time.  So someone cleaned for me twice a month.  Now, I have time to do it myself.

Pics for blog 004

I actually enjoy cleaning. It’s so much easier than it was in the days when I had two little children hanging on my legs, or when the pre-teens were coming in to interrupt my hard work with statements like, “I don’t know why he’s so mad at me, I just choked him a little.”

In fact, I was so wrapped up in my work life, that I’d stopped noticing even some of the most basic things about my own house.  For example, I didn’t know which light switch turned on the ceiling fan and which one turned on the light in any single room.  I had just been turning on the switches until I found the one that worked.  Now I know, the light switch in the living room is on the left, the ceiling fan on the right.  I missed these little details,and it makes me feel happy to know them.  I’m not a psychologist so I don’t know why that is.

Today’s post includes some visual interest.  I am totally freaked out about using images from the internet.  I listened to someone say that Google presented them with a bill for $800 for using their images.  I took some pictures, though.  Now I’m off to tag this post.  Love to all.

Today’s Walking Winner:”In the House of Tom Bombadil,” Nickel Creek