To write my Daily Discomfort piece about Selfies this week, I am using Kelly Gallagher’s wonderful text, Write Like This, to guide my thinking.  I have an idea about what I would like to write about, but I’ve decided to let my pre-writing help me decide what purpose and perspective my writing will take.  Gallagher tells his students that if they have one topic, they have 18.   He asks them to brainstorm 3 possible directions writing could take from the topic for each of six different purposes.  He then has students free write for 5 minutes for one of each the ideas from each purpose.  So first, I’m going to take my selfie topic and turn it into 18 possible pieces and then I’m going to brainstorm for five minutes on one of the topics from each purpose.  My sloppy copy is posted on the paus(ed) page, along with my reflection on how this activity could work with students.

Gallagher has a wonderful website: