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That’s writing, isn’t it?

I didn’t write about facebook this month.  I’d said I was going to in a previous post, but the specter of Prostate Cancer loomed large and I knew I needed to write about it.  I didn’t post anything for several days, building up my courage to strip my feelings bare, to tell the truth about my truth.

The night after I wrote the first Cancer post, I dreamed about sitting in church in my underwear.  I was watching a children’s Christmas program, and then I stripped off the rest of my clothes and sat in the pew wrapped in nothing but a blanket.  I don’t need Freud to tell me the nature of that dream.  That’s writing, isn’t it?  The guts of writing is truth, even if it embarrasses, even if it means laying your naked hands on the page for others to view.

I did meet one of my goals for the month.  I pingbacked.  I also resisted the urge to use the words pingback and mountain in the same sentence.   Am I the only one who struggles with this word association? My knowledge of the pingback is still cursory at best, procedural only.  The Daily Post told me to follow directions and I did, so now I have pushed the button that made this happen.  I could probably push the button and make the pingback a reality again.  My understanding of the pingback is that if I want to direct someone on another blog to what I wrote on my blog, then I pingback.  Is that a verb? I just used it as one.  I’m still learning about the pingback -now I used it as a noun. I had this moment of frustration when I saw something called a track back on someone else’s blog. What?  Not another one.  I’m on the straightaway, still trying to sight the learning curve.

I still don’t know who my audience is, but I feel more comfortable with what I like to write and what I like to read.  My favorite blogs are by authors, linguists, and musicians.  I also like to read things that are funny.  Since I wrote about Prostate Cancer last month, I haven’t been too hilarious myself.  But I love funny.  And honest.  Maybe that tells me something about who my audience should be.

For those of you who have read my work, I am truly grateful for your support and encouragement.

Here are my three goals for the next month:

  1. I will post a poll.
  2. In December, I will post a Song of the Month.  I’m open for suggestions.  I’ll play it and sing it.  I had the idea to do this when I first started, but I’ve been too chicken to try.  My hero, Pippalotta Longstocking, does not condone chickenism.
  3. I want to explore ways to make the blog visually interesting.  I might play with art compositions and different cameras.