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Cow Pic for pauser ts (2)

Where’s Randy?

Ready, Set, Done!

Daily Post has given me ten minutes to write freely about whatever I want.  So I want to write about the pictures I took of cows this week.  I’m trying to learn how to use a camera, so I drove around all over the countryside and took pictures of cows for my Christmas post based on the word Low.  You know, like the cattle are lowing?  Anyway, I took this picture long range, and erm, missed the action going on right in the middle of the photo.  It didn’t make the Christmas post cut but I thought some might find it amusing.

I also read this fantastic article about what makes happy marriages, and I included the link below.  It got me thinking about the “bids,” the article talks about.  You know like when your husband says, “Come in the living room. C’Mon Man is coming on.” and you say, “I do not like C’Mon Man, and I’m reading my book.”  Well, that’s a non-bid, and couples who stay together do that less often than couples who either break up or live in misery.

Great article about how good marriages work.

I feel so fortunate that most of our bids to one another are positive.  Here’s an example from texts between my husband and me:

SH:  Three birds dancing in the garage this morning.  I think I will purchase a doggie door and install it to keep them out.  Will call you later. (Note:  SH had put a light in the garage attic and plugged in a radio, which has been playing classical music for the last week.  He had high hopes that it would get rid of the flock of birds who have decided they own our garage.)

Me:  Try heavy metal?  Maybe they’ll hate it.

Then this afternoon, I sent him this picture of my new Bissell Symphony mop head I sent him a message that said, “I symphonied the floors.”

He replied, “Oh, my.  It looks like you mopped the garage floor.”

So grateful that we can have these little moments.  The article says they are very important.


This pad was snow white when I put it on the machine, and I just mopped a week ago!

Note:  If I had two hundred million dollars, I would buy a Bissell Symphony for every woman on the planet.  

Anyway, my ten minutes is up.  I’m told not to edit, so I won’t.  Have a great day!