pauser poll pillows

For two months now, I’ve intended to push my knowledge of blogging by posting a poll.  Now, I have a perfect topic for my poll, and it’s pillows.  Super Husband and I had a rather heated discussion late one night last week concerning the number of pillows on our bed.  His stance is that of the eight pillows that now reside there, only one pillow belongs to him.  My stance is that I have two pillows, and the other five are to make the bed pretty.  They came with the bedspread I bought, and therefore, are community property.  He used a rather nasty expletive in reference to said pillows.  I told him he needed to pray about his attitude. What he did next was low down and dirty.

He went to work and asked everyone he saw for the next two days about the number of pillows on their beds.  Most of the people he works with are men, and of course, they sided with him.  Now he thinks he’s all that, and wants to reduce the number of pillows on our bed, which I do not want. I like those pillows.  I”m attached.  But I’m willing to listen to reason.

Please take my pillow poll. If the Spartans dominate, then I’ll take a couple of pillows off the bed.  And put them in the guest bedroom.  Where Super Husband can sleep.