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When I started this blog five months ago, I thought it would be fun to sing my blog audience a song once a month.  Now, I’m simply fulfilling my goal.  If you’ve been following the pauser, you know my philosophy: If thinking about doing something makes you feel uncomfortable, you should probably do it. And if the idea terrifies me, I have no choice, I have to try.  So I’m trying.  I’ve put it off for five months, and now it’s time.

Two weeks ago, the inimitable Cynthia Clawson sang at our church.  She sat at the grand piano and played a brief introduction.  Then she looked at the audience and sang the first line; Life has taught me this. I knew before she was finished with the first stanza that I would be presenting “How We Love” as my song of the month.  Cynthia and the author of this song, Beth Nielsen Chapman, sing it and play it better than I do, but it comes from my heart.

I had not heard of Beth Nielsen Chapman before “How We Love” came into my life, but have had the privilege of listening to some more of her wonderful music in the interim.  Here, she is performing “Sand and Water,” a tribute to her late husband.  Her lyrics speak for themselves.

Thank you so much for reading, and for listening.

p.s.  I know it’s Friday.  I had a hard time uploading the video to youtube last night.