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I’m in there somewhere.

Here is one thing I learned in month six:

  • In terms of readership, it’s almost as important to respond to what other people are saying on their blogs as it is to write your own posts. My February views and visitors were lower than views and visitors in January, but many of those views resulted from comments I’d made on other sites.

Some of my favorite Blog posts from the month of February are:

My blog just didn’t get much of my attention in the month of February.  I only posted 4 times, and the most read post was Love and Time.  An intestinal infection plagued me for the better part of two weeks, and I lacked a general sense of focus, which is unusual for me.   I think brain fog is a good description for what I felt in the month of February. Is that one of the symptoms of the pause with men in it?  I can’t remember.

In the years before my pause year, I probably had these dry spells, but who has time to think about their missing mojo when that report is due in the next two hours and three people are standing in line outside of your office to have a heart to heart talk with you about what you need to do for them immediately? And before I had major responsibilities in an office, I had major responsibilities at home.  Children don’t understand that Mommy is feeling a little off and therefore cannot make you that grilled cheese sandwich you’ve been craving.  My whole life has been do, do, do, with no time for reflection.

My goal setting for February.

My goal setting for February.

Now I’m my own boss, and I have both the freedom and time to decide how I want my life to proceed. I need some new strategies. So without a real grasp of what these strategies should be, I’m now writing some ideas down and naming them strategies because I have to start somewhere.

  • I need solid ideas about what I’m going to be writing in a given month. I have been pretty consistent to write about a topic for a month or so.  In February, I wrote three vague ideas on my whiteboard. They were unrelated to one another, and I only managed to write about one of them.  This month, I’ll get more specific with myself, perhaps by using Gallagher’s if you have 1 you have 18 brainstorming technique.
  • It would be nice if I could get just a little bit ahead. Maybe some of my posts could be shorter and the topics could extend into a second post.  It would help if I had something to post when the well runs dry.
  • I need one goal for the next month, not three. Three goals feels like an albatross around my neck.  One is more manageable.  So my goal for March is to publish two posts a week, at least one of which will related to the topic of the month, which I will think of soon.

What about you?  What strategies do you employ when your mojo is in hiding?  How do you keep blogging when the blogging gets tough?