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Great news!  I now have 106 followers.  In last month’s pauseRReport, I said I’d be happy if I had 100 by the end of August.  I’m so grateful for your support and encouragement.  I said in one of my posts this month that the time and space to write has been the greatest gift I’ve ever been given, and you all have really made that possible.  Every time I think about giving up, one of you “likes” a post, or comments on it in such a way that makes me keep trying.

My reflections for the month of May:

  • I’ve been working on my photography, because I know my posts need to have visual interest. I had a lot of fun playing with the aperture and shutter speeds on my Samsung when we visited Oakland for my son-in-law’s graduation.  I’ll be sharing more of those pictures with you soon.  A photography class is probably also in my near future.
  • As much as I want to be a better planner, to find focus in my work (as all the blogging experts advise), it feels better to relax and let it happen. Here’s a picture of my editorial calendar.  It’s simple, but adequate for now.


My favorite blog posts in May:

Coming In June

In June, I’ll write about inspiration, continuing the series I started last week based on other blogs that have inspired me.

I also have a goal to revamp my “About,” page.  Thepauser is not really about what I thought it was about when I wrote my about page the first time.

I hope all of you are in a safe, dry spot with people who treat you right.