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Summer Talk: A Sneak Peek

I didn’t think I’d be able to write this week, but the coastal sun has driven us indoors for a few hours and I find myself with an opportunity to write. Yay!

June has been a great month here on thepauser. Again, the site has seen slow, steady growth, and I’ve noticed that posts are getting more comments, especially on this month’s most popular posts, The Red Bowland Larger than Myself?: A Riff on Inspiration. Overall, I feel much more comfortable in the blogesphere than I did when I started ten months ago.


  • My writing feels like it’s undergoing a sea change. For the first few months, it was a struggle to meet my internal deadlines, and there wasn’t much revision in the mix. I wrote, edited (checked everything for spelling and grammar mistakes) and posted. I’m not sure why, but now I feel comfortable holding off on a post for a couple of days after writing.  Sometimes I go all James Joyce on my first draft, knowing that I’m coming back to it. I’ve been able to pluck some gems out of that loose way of drafting.  It feels like I’m maturing as a writer.
  • Ten months ago, I thought this blog would be focused on my exploration of social media, but that really hasn’t been the case. Since I promised myself this blog would be a place to explore discomfort, I haven’t been pushing the boundaries enough. I need to return to some of the topics I’ve let drop. I fully intended to learn some html, and what pingback and trackback mean.
  • I’d also like to explore how social media has changed the way we respond to and think about important world events. I know that others have used their blogs as vehicles for voicing their opinions on society’s concerns, but I don’t know how I feel about using this blog as a platform. I need to reflect on it.
  • I’ve started to think about SEO this month.  Here’s why. I wrote a post months ago called Getting a Pedicure.  I don’t think it’s particularly good or even characteristic of the writing I’ve done, but every single week somebody reads this post.  The only thing I can think of is that the word pedicure is in the title and people see it in the search engine when they look for a place to get a pedicure.

Blogs I’ve enjoyed in the month of June:

Aunt Beulah: Parading Season

Bones Don’t Lie: Let’s Talk About Death (This chart is something a teacher could use to discuss the interrelationships between science and popular culture)

The Carter Library: Trying On Swimsuits with Miss Kentucky

In Other’s Words: Tiny Little Girl

The World Is A Book: 5 Photos, 5 Stories, Bill the Photographer (Amy is an amazing photographer, and this story is not to be missed)

Next Month:

In July, look for Summer Talk, a series of posts dedicated to the days of laze.  I’ll write about that metallic cup you used to drink iced tea and cherry kool-aid out of.  And the taxi ride you took with that interesting driver when you were on vacation, and the conversation you overheard while watching the boys of summer chase fly balls all over the outfield.  And the cool sensation of sticking your hot feet into water.