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Having Fun at the pool

1. Never wear a nose plug. Stay away from the kids who wear nose plugs.

2. In fact, don’t hold your nose at all. The only exception to this rule is when you have to lay back in the water to straighten your chlorine greened hair out of your eyes.

3. Only babies play in the shallow end.

4. When you learn to dive, you are allowed to do it in the four foot water.  Squatting on the side with penitent hands is permitted when learning how to dive.

5. Go shopping for your swim suit with your Mom’s younger sister.  She will let you get a skimpier suit than your Mom will.

They told me they were too fat.

They told me they were too fat.

6. No peeking when the sunken treasure is thrown in the deep end.

7. Blow bubbles when sunken treasure hunting to keep your ears from popping.

8. Get the treasure the first time you go down for it.  It’s better to bust a lung than come up empty handed.

9. No wimping on the high board.

10. Everyone goes off the high board.

11. Respect those who have earned a higher swim badge than you.  Tadpoles answer to Fish, Fish answer to Whales, and Whales answer to Sharks.

12. Goggles are for sissies.  Bloodshot eyes indicate summer toughness.

13. Flip flops- also for sissies.  The soles of your feet should look like shoe leather by the end of the summer.

14. When your mom says it’s time to go home, keep playing for at least fifteen minutes.

15. Grape popsicle teeth is a look. Own it.

This post is dedicated to my writing buddies in the Writer’s Workshop Institute, which I’m co-facilitating for the next couple of weeks.  I love working on writing skills with my teaching colleagues.  Writing Rules!